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Grade Scale

The grading scale at Tunkhannock Area Middle School is as follows: 100 – 93 = A 92 – 85 = B 84 – 78 = C 70 – 78 = D 69 – Below = F

Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is arranged through the counselors after approval has been obtained from the Assistant Superintendent. Parents are encouraged to contact the Middle School counselors whenever they have a question on their student's progress.

Homework Requests

Parents may request homework, only after their child has missed 2 consecutive school days, by calling the Middle School Office (836-8242) before 9:00 a.m. Parents will be required to pick up homework after 3:20. Students will not be permitted to take work home for other students. Please do not make this request.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain assignments from their teachers for absences requested through pre-arranged excuses for education trips and medical appointments. Students are responsible for making up all homework and classwork when absent from school. Students should consult their teachers whenever they have missed school work.

Daily assignments are available over the internet. Parents may visit the school building to pick up books from lockers, after regular school hours.

Honor Roll Policy

Students, who have attained an average of 90% with no grade below 85% or an F in a Pass/Fail course , will attain Honor Roll status for that particular marking period and receive a certificate of achievement.

Students, who have attained an average of 95% with no grade below 90% or an F in a Pass/Fail course, will attain High Honor Roll status for that particular marking period and receive a certificate of achievement.


The failure of any combination of two or more major subjects or failure of math alone may result in a student being retained in current grade level. As failure appears to be possible, the subject area teacher should contact parents. When retention is imminent, parents and students can expect to be contacted and conferenced on possible outcomes by the guidance counselor and/or teachers.

Withdrawal from School

All students withdrawing form the Middle School must report to the guidance office and will be issued a withdrawal form. Each teacher must initial this form signifying that all books have been turned in and all obligations have been met. The final check will be made through the guidance office, which issues all transfer cards.

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