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School Closure Questions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions regarding School Closure

Has the district solicited and/or received any feedback about interest in purchasing or leasing any of the outlying buildings?
What steps has the district considered in developing mechanisms for community impact?  Could a community survey be developed and implemented?
Has the Board considered the impact additional buses will have on the traffic patterns in Tunkhannock should consolidation of schools occur?
Has the district explored opportunities to refinance loans or bonds in the event that we need to invest in a vision in order to have an exemplary educational experience for kids?
What steps has the Board taken to explore and expand students’ exposure and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math?
How will the Board go about establishing their priorities in developing a plan? (Musts & Wants)
What considerations are underway to preserve and enhance existing career pathways for high school students?
Has the Board considered moving the Central Administration offices and using that space as a “central hub” for special programming?
What was included in KCBA’s assessment to renovate Evans Falls, Mill City and Mehoopany?
If consolidation/building closures take place, how can the public feel confident that the Board and the Administration can be counted on to address and solve unforeseen problems such as bussing, building schedules or class size?
If closures and consolidation occurs, how will the day-to-day logistics of building operations be addressed?  Will the Board consider issues such as food service, adequate bathroom facilities, parking and arrival/dismissal times?
How will the Board articulate the expected savings from building closures against current budget short falls?
Will the Board consider remedies to the energy costs of operating the existing building in the municipality of Tunkhannock?
Has the Board researched the impact elementary school closures could have on real estate values in the Mehoopany, Mill City and Evans Falls areas?
How were the enrollment projections developed?
Will the Board consider the effects of multiple transitions for students in deciding whether to adopt a plan for multi-year closing vs closing schools simultaneously?
How many districts currently have schools operating with open classrooms?
Has the Board researched the actual savings vs projected savings other districts who have consolidated have realized?
Would the district consider a schedule of “staggered starts” in order to minimize student transportation time?
Will the district consider plans that would require spending money in the short term in order to build a more equitable and excellent educational system in the long term?
In the event that building grade structure is reconfigured, what steps can be taken to insulate younger students from interacting with older students?
How will the Board address the potential for excessively long bus rides for younger students in the event of building closures?
What types of community programming would allow the district to continue to receive the PlanCon subsidies from PDE if the buildings could be leased?
Will the Board consider a plan that delays the closing of individual buildings over several years in lieu of a plan that would close all outlying buildings beginning in the 18-19 school year?
Have any models been considered that use the Administrative building for students other than primary?
What are the Board’s priorities when it comes to class size?
Will the district establish a community focus group to help guide decisions and solicit feedback as we move through this process?
In considering moving 7th and 8th graders to the high school, what steps would the district take to ensure the safety of younger students in the building?
Does the district have any concerns that parents will choose to cyber school their children in the event of consolidation?
If consolidation occurs, would the Board consider the use of temporary/modular classrooms if necessary or would the goal be to complete all renovations prior to moving students?

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