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Children's Produce market Food Pickup is Tuesday Aug 11th from 4 to 6pm at the TASD High School.  Pre- registration is required.

Parents: The first day of school for students is August 31.  Please be aware that the district will expect any staff or student traveling to states identified by the PA DOH to adhere to a 14 day isolation period upon return.  As a precautionary measure, students and staff may not return to our buildings during that 14 day time frame.  

Letters from the Superintendent


Parents and Students:

Beginning May 4, 2020 TASD will be moving from Enrichment and Review to Planned Instruction.  May 4 will serve as the start of the 4th Marking period, and the school year will end on June 5, 2020.  Beginning May 4, everyone is expected to participate.  Attendance and completion of assignments will be tracked.  A grade of Pass/Fail will be awarded for the 4th marking period, and will not be included in the calculation of student GPAs.

Please continue to encourage your child to do the best that they can.  Be safe.



The links below provide information on talking with your children about the coronavirus.  We hope that you will find these resources helpful and that they will help you navigate some of the questions that kids will naturally have.  I encourage you to seek out reliable information and follow the CDC recommendations for handwashing and social distancing.


I will continue to keep you posted as information is made available to us.  Until then, be safe and vigilant in your efforts to keep your family well.



There was a brief posting on Facebook today by a well-meaning individual regarding food distribution in Wyoming County. This information appears to have originated in Wyoming County, West Virginia.

At this time, food distribution strategies for TASD are in the works, but incomplete. We will communicate our plan early next week. Thank you.



Supplemental work sent home with students due to school closure is not mandatory in nature. The intent was to provide learning activities that reviewed or extended recently taught content. It will not be reflected in student grades as there is no equitable way to provide instruction. We ask parents to encourage students to complete the work they are able to do as it may help them to maintain a routine of learning and engagement. I apologize for the confusion.

Heather McPherson


The Tunkhannock Area School District will close for a minimum of ten days beginning on Monday, March 16.  The campus will be closed as of 9PM this evening.  All activities, practices, events and scheduled meetings for this weekend and next two weeks have been postponed.  Building nurses will be in attendance on Monday, March 16 between 10am and 11am for any parent needing to pick up medication. 

Students are being sent home with enough learning activities to stimulate their thinking for up to ten days.  This is not intended to take the place of regular instruction, rather it has been provided because we want to encourage kids to interact with materials that sustain the practice of learning.

Please check for updates next week.  This is a rapidly developing situation and we are doing our best to monitor and respond appropriately.  We will continue to follow CDC and DOH guidelines and encourage you to do so, as well.

Heather McPherson


Letter to Parents :

In an effort to stay ahead of concerns about the Coronavirus, Tunkhannock Area School District convened a meeting on Wednesday, March 4 with numerous community partners, including the PA Department of Health, Tyler Memorial Hospital, representatives from Wyoming County Human Services and the Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency.  The purpose of our meeting was to gather insight and expertise on health and safety measures that can help us keep our staff and students well.

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.  Symptoms include fever, coughing and shortness of breath.  Parents can be proactive in helping to keep all children safe by keeping their own children home from school if they are demonstrating these symptoms. In the event of widespread absenteeism, the district will modify its attendance policy to accommodate students who need to be home.

In our buildings, some of the steps that we have taken include reminders about handwashing, coughing and sneezing.  Our custodial team has amped up its sanitation of frequently touched surfaces, and they will continue to supply our classrooms with soap, tissues and hand sanitizer.  Our school nurses are in the process of training our teachers, staff and coaches protocols that will help keep our classrooms and facilities less hospitable to bacteria and viruses, in general.  We will also develop a process for identifying kids who present symptoms and getting them to the nurse quickly for evaluation.  And, with the help of our community partners, TASD has updated our Pandemic Response Plan which can be found on our website at

Information about household readiness can also be found at our website and our Facebook page,  We encourage parents to visit the PA Department of Health website, and the Center for Disease Control website at

We will be vigilant about prevention and proactive in our preparation.  Communication will be a cornerstone of our efforts, so I encourage you to reach out to your child’s school nurse with any health-related questions.  My personal extension is 1000, and my email address is  Please call me if you have any questions related to process or procedure.

Our success in limiting risk in our schools depends upon communication, planning and community engagement in prevention measures.  Let’s work together to follow the CDC recommendations that help us avoid all infections.  We can all play a part in keeping our kids and ourselves healthy.

Now, everybody go wash your hands.

Get your household ready for Covid-19


Heather McPherson


Tunkhannock Area School District

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