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The TASD school board has scheduled two meetings during the month of July, on July 9th and July 23rd.  Both of these meetings are scheduled to take place in the high school auditorium at 7:30 PM and will be live streamed.

Community members unable to attend may submit questions by emailing please include your name and your phone number and we will answer your questions during the meeting thank you.

Official TASD YouTube Channel

TASD Athletic Department Participation Waiver for Communicable Diseases Including COVID-19


TASD Athletic Department Reimplementation of Extracurricular Activities Recommendations


Kindergarten Registration 2020 - 2021 School Year

If you are registering your child for kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year, please send the following information to Karin DeLancey - Student's name, parent's name, address, phone number, date of birth, M/F (male/female). If you cannot email, please call (570)836-3111 ext. 1109 and leave the above information in a voicemail. Please be aware this is only step one of the registration process.

If you have any other questions please email

Thank you!

Summer School Registration

TASD Technology/Electronic Device Drop-off

If you missed the Technology Device Drop-off, you may drop any items off at the High School. There is a box located in the foyer next to the main office.  It is open from 8am to 2pm Monday to Wednesday.

Please ensure you include all devices (ipads / Chromebooks / Internet hotspots), the power cords, the cases and any other accessories that came with it.

High School textbooks, calculators, library and classroom books

Can be dropped off at the high school bus platform 24 hours/day  seven days/week during the summer.

Video Message from the Superintendent May 27th 2020

District Athletics

Kenny Janiszewski
Director of Information / Athletic Director
(570) 836-8264
(570) 836-4719
Colleen Mislevy
Athletic Director Secretary
(570) 836-8255
(570) 836-4719
Charlotte Carpenter
Athletic Trainer
(570) 836-9168
(570) 836-7839

Athletic Philosophy

Interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the total educational program at Tunkhannock Area and is designed to provide a positive learning experience for its participants. The staff is committed to fulfilling the individual physical and psychological needs of our student/athletes by providing wholesome opportunities that will help to develop positive attitudes and favorable habits. The leadership should be of the highest quality so as to exemplify to the participants the desired type of individual to be developed from the athletic program. Measurement of the success of the leadership should not be in terms of the tangible evidence of victory and defeat record, but in the intangible personality development factors that are an outgrowth of the major objectives of the athletic program. The athletic program should always be in conformity with the general objectives of the school and the athletic administration should be in line with the general policies of the Tunkhannock Area School District. The athletic program is secondary to the academic curriculum; the program should function as part of the whole curriculum and should constantly strive for the development of a well-round individual capable of taking his/her place in modern society.

Varsity Mission Statement

The goal of our athletic programs is to produce young men and women who will develop the capacity to be successful citizens in our highly competitive society. We are committed to achieving this goal. We also want student to leave TAHS and be able to say that they were proud
to be part of Tunkhannock Area Athletics. Participation in athletics at TAHS is a privilege and not a right. The athlete must earn this privilege through dedication, desire and discipline. Interscholastic athletics should provide an opportunity for its participants to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Interscholastic athletics should provide a "whole School" interest. Athletic programs should attempt to generate school spirit among athletes and non-athletes. Team play should be emphasized with the development of loyalty, cooperation and fair play among the primary goals. Coaches should strive to teach new skills and offer opportunities to improve on those that the athlete already possesses. Members of an interscholastic team have a definite responsibility to contribute to that tradition, thereby gaining personal satisfaction. Participation should provide opportunities for lasting friendships as well as the gaining of respect from teammates and opponents. Coaches and players will respect the judgment and integrity of sport officials. Coaches and players will emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship and ethical conduct both on and off the field of play. They also should be a congenial host to any visiting teams, coaches and spectators. Members of athletic teams are expected to attend all games, practices and meetings. If circumstances arise whereby the athlete cannot attend a session, the athlete should make an honest effort to notify the coach. Students are encouraged to participate in as many sports as they are capable, without falling behind academically. Once an athlete begins a sport, he/she shall not quit that sport until the season is completed. Any athlete who quits a sport to participate in another sport must obtain written permission from the coach of the original team to practice with the desired team. Weightlifting should not be used by a coach or athlete as an alternative to participation on an athletic team.

Athletic Forms

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