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Letters from the Superintendent


Good Evening,

I am providing an update on the positive COVID 19 cases we are aware of in our school community.  We are currently tracking three cases at the high school, three cases at the Intermediate Center, and one case at the Primary Center.  All close contacts have been called.  Please continue to monitor your children for symptoms and keep them home if symptoms are present. 

Enjoy your weekend and thank you.




Good afternoon,

This is a reminder that breakfast and lunch continue to be available to all students free of charge through the end of the school year. In addition, parents are strongly encouraged to complete the application for free and reduced lunch to ensure eligibility should additional benefits be made available.

This would include eligibility for pandemic electronic benefits transfer or EBT payments.

Please go to to complete the application electronically.

If you have questions please contact Jackie Shaver at 570-836-8268 for more information.

Thank you



All TASD students and teachers grades K to 12 will work remotely on Tuesday January 26.

All extra curricular activities, sports practices and games are cancelled. Bus transportation to the SCCTC will not be running. High School students please check your email for additional information from Mr. Bosscher.


Good Evening,

As the result of another member of our TAHS community testing positive for COVID 19 and in accordance with our cleaning protocols the High School building will be closed tomorrow, Monday January 25. 

All extra curricular activities, sports practices and games are cancelled. Bus transportation to the SCCTC will not be running. High School Students and teachers will work remotely. Grades K to 7 will attend school in person.



The district has been made aware of two additional members of our school community have tested positive for COVID 19.  We are currently tracking 3 cases at the high school, 2 at the STEM Academy (which has been closed yesterday and today) and one case at the Intermediate Center. 

Please continue to monitor you children for symptoms and keep them home should those symptoms present.  Thank you.


Good afternoon.  All contact tracing has been completed and all close contacts have been notified.  We are currently tracking two cases at the high school, one at the Intermediate Center and one at the Stem Academy. 

Although students will be virtual tomorrow, all buildings will be open and staff and teachers should report.  Transportation to the SCCTC will be provided. 

High school student and staff should check their emails for an important message from Mr. Bosscher. In order to remain open, we must commit to taking steps to keep everyone healthy.  Please do not send students to school who are symptomatic.  Thank you.  


Good Evening,

Due to information received late this evening relating to a probable cause, all buildings will be closed tomorrow and learning will be remote for students and teachers.

Contact tracing is in progress and you will be called tomorrow if your child is deemed a close contact.

Please be vigilant about social distancing until we complete this process. We will send an all call once complete.


Good Evening,

We have been notified that another member of our TAHS community has tested positive for COVID 19.

In accordance with our cleaning protocols the High School building will be closed tomorrow, Thursday January 21.  All extra curricular activities, sports practices and games are cancelled. Bus transportation to the SCCTC will not be running. Students and teachers will work remotely.



Good afternoon,

I am calling to let you know that one positive and one probable case of covid-19 were identified at the high school today. All close contacts have been notified.  

Please remain vigilant to minimize your child and your family's exposure and keep symptomatic children out of school.

Thank you,



Parents and Students:

As we prepare to return to in-person instruction beginning Monday, January 11, 2021, a few reminders:

If you have traveled outside of the Commonwealth since December 31, 2020, if you or a member of your household are awaiting Covid test results, or if you or a member of your household have been diagnosed with Covid 19, please contact Lynn McAndrew at 836-3111, extension 1222, prior to your student's return. Symptomatic students and staff should not be in school.

Also, please remember that Friday will be virtual for all students.  Please plan accordingly. 

I hope that you had a relaxing and restorative break over the holidays. We look forward to having everybody back!



Last night the TASD Board of Directors voted to pivot to a virtual model of instruction beginning on Monday, December 21, 2020 through Friday January 8, 2021.  All students, K to 12, are expected to participate on the Canvas platform during these eight days of instruction.  Curbside meal pickups will continue to be available, and a distribution of materials needed by students will be coordinated by building, if necessary.  In a separate motion, the Board approved moving K through 6th grade to virtual instruction on Fridays beginning January 15, 2021.  K-6 students will learn remotely on Fridays throughout the second semester.  I will continue to provide updates to parents and students as more information becomes available.

Thank you,



Don't put those sled and toboggans back in the garage just yet, Tigers.

Tomorrow, Friday, December 18 will be another snow day.  Turn off the Chromebooks, turn off the iPads, turn off the phones.

Get outside, make another snowman, and have some fun!  Be well.


TASD has identified two additional positive cases of covid-19 today, one was associated with the high school building and one was associated with the admin building. All notifications have been completed.

Regarding the impending weather TASD will celebrate our first big snowfall of the season by taking a good old-fashioned snow day tomorrow shut down the screens turn off the phones get outside and enjoy.

Thank you


Today we identified four members of our school community that have tested positive for covid-19; three of these cases are associated with the intermediate center and one is associated the STEM academy.

In accordance with the most recent PDE and DOH guidelines the intermediate center and the STEM academy will close and students will work remotely for the remainder of this week.  Only students in grades three through seven are affected by this change. The high school and the primary centers in Tunkhannock and Mehoopany will remain open.

All individuals deemed to be close contacts have been notified. Teaching Staff, Paras and related services in the IC and the STEM academy will work remotely as well.

On a different topic TASD will dismiss early tomorrow in anticipation of the snowstorm. Mehoopany will dismiss at 11:20 a.m. the buildings in Tunkhannock will dismiss at noon.

Thank you. 



Today we learned another member of our school community at the primary center has tested positive for covid-19.  Persons identified as close contacts have already been notified directly.

Parents are asked to please continue to monitor your children for symptoms and to keep them home if those symptoms are present.

Thank you



Today we learned that four more members of our TASD community have tested positive for covid-19; three cases were reported at the intermediate center and one additional case at the high school.

The department of education has clarified building size criteria and the high school and the intermediate center both fall into the 500 to 900 student category. This changes the closure threshold for both of these buildings from 2 to 4 cases to 4 to 6 cases. Currently we are tracking 3 cases in each building.

At this time all buildings will remain open. Students or staff identified as close contacts have been notified directly. All parents are asked to please continue to monitor your child for symptoms and keep them home should those symptoms be present.

Thank you.



Yesterday afternoon Governor Tom Wolfe issued a limited time targeted mitigation order that temporarily suspends athletic and extracurricular practices and events until January 4th 2021.

That order goes into effect at midnight tonight we will keep students and their families updated on any developments resolving from these postponements.

Thank you.


We learned today that a 2nd member of our HS community has tested positive for COVID-19. Please continue to monitor your child for symptoms and keep them home if any are present.

Please keep your child home if you are waiting on test results or a member of your household has tested positive for COVID-19.

Please keep your child at home if they have been identified as a close contact. If you are identified as a close contact, you will be contacted directly by a nurse from the DOH of the District. 

If you are not contacted directly by a nurse, you are not considered a close contact but should continue to monitor for symptoms, there is always a risk of exposure.

Thank you and be safe.


We were notified this afternoon that a member of our school community at the High School  has tested positive for COVID 19. We have been in touch with the PA Department of Health and will continue to assist them in contact tracing and follow-up. All Schools will be open tomorrow.  Thank You.


The TASD School Board voted Saturday night to return to our in-person, hybrid model beginning tomorrow.  Cohort B should report in grades 7-12.  Parents are asked to remain vigilant about screening for symptoms and keeping children home if they are present. 

Parents are also reminded that new DoH travel restrictions require anyone traveling outside of PA to undergo testing within 72 hours prior to return, or quarantine upon return.  If your family traveled outside of PA over the holiday, your child should not return to school until one of these requirements is met. 


The TASD Board of Education passed a motion last night to extend the use of our virtual learning model through Wednesday, November 25 at noon, at which time we begin our Thanksgiving break through November 30. 

We hope to return to in-person instruction on Tuesday, December 1, however the Board will meet on Saturday, November 28 at 7PM in the HS auditorium to review current data. 

Curbside food pick-up will remain available through Wednesday via the r/egistration on our website.


TASD has been made aware of additional confirmed cases of covid-19 within our school community. We are working closely with the Department of Health to continue contact tracing. We will continue to utilize our remote learning platform the remainder of this week.

Students will not be in school November 19th or 20th but are expected to log into the canvas platform to complete their work.

There is a board meeting scheduled for this evening at 7:00 p.m. in the High School auditorium to discuss our plans to move forward. The meeting will be live streamed on our TASD YouTube channel. Thank you.


TASD buildings will be closed tomorrow and Wednesday. Students, teachers, and paras will work remotely.  There are no after-school activities and no SC CTC runs. Curbside meals will be available for pickup at the Primary Center. You must pre-register on our website. Also located on our home page are several helpful links to navigating our canvas platform.  I hope everyone will remain calm and cautiously optimistic.  We will continue to follow our plan which is worked well for us so far, thank you.

TASD has been notified that members of our school community at the High School and the IC have tested positive for Covid-19. The district has been in touch with the Pennsylvania department of health to begin contact tracing. In an abundance of caution we will be dismissing early today Mehoopany will dismiss at 12:40 the Primary Center at 1:10 and the Intermediate Center, STEM Academy and High school at 1:30 More information will be forthcoming this afternoon regarding our path forward stay well and stay tuned thank you.

Parents of students in Fusion C3 in grades 8-12 who wish to have their student switch to our 2 day per week hybrid Brick and Mortar option should call 836-3111, x. 1000 by 6pm this Wednesday, November 4 to secure a schedule and return date.  Thank you.

We were notified this afternoon that a member of our school community at the Mehoopany PC has tested positive for COVID 19. We have been in touch with the PA Department of Health and will continue to assist them in contact tracing and follow-up.
At this time, we have not identified any students who would be considered close contacts.  The mitigation measures that we have in place will allow us to open all buildings on Monday.  We will continue to communicate information as it becomes available.


Parents and Students:

Beginning May 4, 2020 TASD will be moving from Enrichment and Review to Planned Instruction.  May 4 will serve as the start of the 4th Marking period, and the school year will end on June 5, 2020.  Beginning May 4, everyone is expected to participate.  Attendance and completion of assignments will be tracked.  A grade of Pass/Fail will be awarded for the 4th marking period, and will not be included in the calculation of student GPAs.

Please continue to encourage your child to do the best that they can.  Be safe.



The links below provide information on talking with your children about the coronavirus.  We hope that you will find these resources helpful and that they will help you navigate some of the questions that kids will naturally have.  I encourage you to seek out reliable information and follow the CDC recommendations for handwashing and social distancing.


I will continue to keep you posted as information is made available to us.  Until then, be safe and vigilant in your efforts to keep your family well.



There was a brief posting on Facebook today by a well-meaning individual regarding food distribution in Wyoming County. This information appears to have originated in Wyoming County, West Virginia.

At this time, food distribution strategies for TASD are in the works, but incomplete. We will communicate our plan early next week. Thank you.



Supplemental work sent home with students due to school closure is not mandatory in nature. The intent was to provide learning activities that reviewed or extended recently taught content. It will not be reflected in student grades as there is no equitable way to provide instruction. We ask parents to encourage students to complete the work they are able to do as it may help them to maintain a routine of learning and engagement. I apologize for the confusion.

Heather McPherson


The Tunkhannock Area School District will close for a minimum of ten days beginning on Monday, March 16.  The campus will be closed as of 9PM this evening.  All activities, practices, events and scheduled meetings for this weekend and next two weeks have been postponed.  Building nurses will be in attendance on Monday, March 16 between 10am and 11am for any parent needing to pick up medication. 

Students are being sent home with enough learning activities to stimulate their thinking for up to ten days.  This is not intended to take the place of regular instruction, rather it has been provided because we want to encourage kids to interact with materials that sustain the practice of learning.

Please check for updates next week.  This is a rapidly developing situation and we are doing our best to monitor and respond appropriately.  We will continue to follow CDC and DOH guidelines and encourage you to do so, as well.

Heather McPherson


Letter to Parents :

In an effort to stay ahead of concerns about the Coronavirus, Tunkhannock Area School District convened a meeting on Wednesday, March 4 with numerous community partners, including the PA Department of Health, Tyler Memorial Hospital, representatives from Wyoming County Human Services and the Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency.  The purpose of our meeting was to gather insight and expertise on health and safety measures that can help us keep our staff and students well.

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.  Symptoms include fever, coughing and shortness of breath.  Parents can be proactive in helping to keep all children safe by keeping their own children home from school if they are demonstrating these symptoms. In the event of widespread absenteeism, the district will modify its attendance policy to accommodate students who need to be home.

In our buildings, some of the steps that we have taken include reminders about handwashing, coughing and sneezing.  Our custodial team has amped up its sanitation of frequently touched surfaces, and they will continue to supply our classrooms with soap, tissues and hand sanitizer.  Our school nurses are in the process of training our teachers, staff and coaches protocols that will help keep our classrooms and facilities less hospitable to bacteria and viruses, in general.  We will also develop a process for identifying kids who present symptoms and getting them to the nurse quickly for evaluation.  And, with the help of our community partners, TASD has updated our Pandemic Response Plan which can be found on our website at

Information about household readiness can also be found at our website and our Facebook page,  We encourage parents to visit the PA Department of Health website, and the Center for Disease Control website at

We will be vigilant about prevention and proactive in our preparation.  Communication will be a cornerstone of our efforts, so I encourage you to reach out to your child’s school nurse with any health-related questions.  My personal extension is 1000, and my email address is  Please call me if you have any questions related to process or procedure.

Our success in limiting risk in our schools depends upon communication, planning and community engagement in prevention measures.  Let’s work together to follow the CDC recommendations that help us avoid all infections.  We can all play a part in keeping our kids and ourselves healthy.

Now, everybody go wash your hands.

Get your household ready for Covid-19


Heather McPherson


Tunkhannock Area School District


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